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Shopping Experience in our SolShop

Step into the limitless Sol Mall and experience the wonders of virtual try-ons for all wearables through either VR or a web interface.

SolShop Whitelisting Registration Requirements
● You must own a SolKey to get the WL Spot
● Gold Key Holders will get a guaranteed WL Spot
● You need to maintain minimum 5 Sol balance in your wallet
● There will be a raffle If there are more than 75 eligible WL entries
● SolShop price will be 10-15 Sol (depending on Sol price on time of minting.
One Key to Unlock All Dreams

Each SolKey unlocks access to our metaverse and the surrounding ecosystem for all members. Think of it as the VIP pass that opens the gates of an ultra-exclusive club for you.

The entire collection of 2,222 SolKeys is already sold out. However, you can still acquire a SolKey (either standard or gold) through secondary market listings.

Buy SolKeys at Magic Eden

With Sol Club, you can get a glimpse into our metaverse by jumping into the Sol Shops demo today!

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