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Want early access to the innovations of tomorrow? Ready to discover the potential NFT and be part of something huge? Take your place in the future and unlock limitless opportunities by becoming a member of the limited-access SOL Club.



About Sol Club

Welcome to SOL Club

As the metaverse expands and Blockchain technology enters the
mainstream, SOL Club is the ultimate gateway to prosperity,
excitement and innovation. As a community-driven technology club,
we’re on a mission to build a comprehensive ecosystem that
empowers its members to get their desired results.

Get one of 2222 EXCLUSIVE SOL Keys (an NFT object
you can mint)

Join an interactive community, passionate about the
world of NFT.

Get ahead of the curve and take your place in the future of innovation.

Wondering why you should join us?

We’re no run-of-the-mill NFT project. When you join the SOL Club, you become a valued
part of a future-driven ecosystem. Our community is based on exclusivity, utility and
innovation, exploring the tools of the future to solve the challenges of today.

Free Sol Villa for

Club Members

Leading you to the inception by the Key to the
VILLA of whimsy realities of the future.

Free Mint Pass

When you join SOL Club, you get a free mint pass for all of our upcoming NFTs. Not only that, but you’ll also get FREE access to our very first NFT project –– SOL Villas. Limited to 8888 villas, every one  who holds  the SOL Key will get one free SOL Villa (Worth 3 SOL)

Exclusive Presale Access

When it comes to profiting from NFTs, early tips and access is everything. All members of the SOL Club will be whitelisted for presales with all of our partner NFT projects, ensuring you can discover the investments you deserve.

Bluechip NFT Giveaways

Freebies are always a bonus, right? To reward all of our club members, we’ll buy NFTs and randomly drop them to our members on a rotating basis.

NFT Gaming Launchpad

As we gear up to open our very own NFT Gaming Launchpad, we’ll be whitelisting all of our SOL Club members and giving them a chance to be part of seed funding.

Free IRL + Virtual Meetups

One of the most extraordinary things about NFTs and investment opportunities is the connections you can build with the outside world. SOL Club will host exclusive IRL meetups for our incredible community and distribute FREE club merchandise to celebrate it.

Members Lead the Way

SOL Club is a community-first organization – that’s why we’re running as a DAO. Members will control the community wallet, allowing you to decide which charities receive donations or which projects you want to invest in collectively.

Benefits Beyond NFT

The benefits of SOL Club extend beyond the Solverse. You’ll get the chance to explore other avenues with expert guidance. We can’t reveal much just yet, but receiving free weekly crypto trading signals from industry experts is just a hint of what’s to come.

$Club Token Airdrop

Our long-term vision is to nurture a thriving economy where members can participate in trustless transactions and earn passive income through their stake within the SOLVerse

With only 2222 SOL Keys available, time is of the essence.

Will you make the most of this opportunity to reap incredible rewards
and become one of the very first key holders in our clan?

Invest Smart.

Win Big.

At Sol Club, we’re all about maximizing our memberships. Whether you’re passionate about NFT art or fuelled by a hunger for ROIs, we’ve got you covered. By combining shared expertise, smart trade signalling and a whole host of other benefits, you’re guaranteed to boost your funds when you join our community.


Phase 1
Creation of NFTs
Artists & team work closely together to develop and
create SOLKey for members of SOLClub.


Includes 22 master keys for our executive members.
Phase 2
Pre-Sale + Giveaways
222 SolKeys will be released for pre-sale on Jan 07 2022. (Sold out)
Phase 3
Mint Goes Live
Mint goes live on Jan 25, 2022 at 11:00 PM UTC.
Welcome to the SOLClub.
Phase 4
introducing solclub building
Solclub is a STAR shape headoffice building.
There will be Offices, conference rooms, entertainment areas & much more.  Club members will be able to interact with the office utilities through AR & VR technologies.
Phase 5
Office allotment to our gold members
22 gold members will be awarded with premium offices.
Master key holder will be our gold members .
Phase 6
SOL Villas Drop
SOLClub  members will be receiving FREE SOLVilla 
Remaining 6666 Villas will be available for public sale
Phase 7
NFT Drops
Avatar NFT will be dropped for perks
Bluechip NFT drop giveaways - individuals holding
more SOLKeys will have a higher chance in securing
Phase 8
Sol Club dao
Holding SOLKey will allow access to the DAO,
verified via Grape Protocol. The DAO will be able
to vote on future project decisions, such as
donations, metaverse partnerships, and use
of the Community Wallet. Gold members will be the executive council member of the Solclub DAO.
Phase 9
NFT Games launch pad
Our team of developers already working
on a next generation NFT Games Launch Pad .
SOLClub members will be eligible to participate
in Seed Funding Phase for all upcoming games
on our Launch Pad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your gateway to the Solverse starts here.  We are releasing 2222 Solkeys, which secure your admittance to the ultra-exclusive SolClub.

Public sale price will be 1.5 Sol.

The presale mint date is Jan 07 2022 at 11:00 pm utc (SOLD OUT). Public Sale date will be Jan 25 2022 at 11:00 pm.

We recommend Phantom Wallet. However you will be able to use popular Solana Wallets.

We plan to be listed on all major Solana marketplaces. More information will be shared later.

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