Step into the limitless Sol Mall and experience the wonders of virtual try-ons for all wearables through either VR or a web interface. With 100 Sol...


Experience the hustle and bustle of a booming metaverse society stretched across 8,888 Sol Villas. With a robust network of amenities and infrastructure...


At the heart of the Sol Club is our Star Head Office building. This striking structure will supercharge work experience for all stakeholders...


Sol Club is a truly living and breathing metaverse world. Like the physical world, it will continue to evolve and each new shape will reflect...


Sol Club redefining the way people connect, communicate, collaborate, and exchange value. This sensational vision is about the intermingling of the metaverse, NFTs, physical items, digital products, specialist services, and much more.
From offices and shops to villas and entire neighborhoods, all backed up by an extensive network of amenities and facilities enjoyed by IRL modern towns—Sol Club is hands-down the most ambitious and thrilling metaverse project within the Solana ecosystem
You don’t have to take our word for it, step into the metaverse this instant by trying our...


Since the dawn of time all we have seen is a world bound by the laws of nature and physics. We never imagined how far the astounding technological advancements can take us to. We would love for you to imagine an unlimited world where you can fulfill all your desires, aspirations and wishes in the most convenient way possible. Isn’t that something you wish for? Something you secretly desire? Well don’t fret, because thanks to SOL Club you don’t have to imagine anymore as the future of human connections and interactions is within your grasp! An exceptional effort that channels the raw power of NFTs, metaverse, and other fascinating blockchain applications to transform these individual technologies into a synergized whole that will power the SOL Club experience from under the hood. By the splendid use of virtual reality and augmented reality support we are providing our users with a flawless experience that will transcend all limitations of physical reality and believe it or not, it is a dream come true of sci-fi authors!

Fundamentally, SOL Club is an exclusive community whose members can not only communicate with each other but also take delight in the grandeur of this virtual paradise. Every inch of this mesmerizing digital world is created to cater to the needs and yearnings of the individuals living within it. From offices, conference rooms to villas, entertainment centers and art gallery, each byte of this digital world is tailored to enchant the minds and fascinate the souls of it’s esteemed members. Therefore, to join us and to become a member of this elite community you only have to purchase a SOL Key, an NFT object that’s living on the Solana blockchain!.

One Key to Unlock All Dreams

Each SolKey unlocks access to our metaverse and the surrounding ecosystem for all members. Think of it as the VIP pass that opens the gates of an ultra-exclusive club for you.

The entire collection of 2,222 SolKeys is already sold out. However, you can still acquire a SolKey (either standard or gold) through secondary market listings.

With Sol Club, you can get a glimpse into our metaverse by jumping into the Sol Shops demo today!

Passive Rewards for NFT Holders

Passive rewards can turn paper hands into diamond hands. That’s why Sol Club will soon introduce exciting new staking pools where members can stake their SolKeys, Sol Villas, Sol Shops, and any other NFTs unveiled in the future.

The staking pools will reward stakers with $Club tokens. Not only will this add another avenue for users to maximize their NFT-investment upside and earn some passive $Club tokens, but it will also organically familiarize them with the native token.

A Marketplace That Breaks Boundaries

A true melting pot of metaverse items, digital products, physical goods, and services, the Sol Marketplace is like an incubation chamber where a teeming economy will be born and nurtured for eternity. Not only will the marketplace unlock exciting new avenues for trade, but it will bolster the demand for $Club, as our native token will serve as the de facto currency of this emerging economy. The Sol Marketplace will offer:

● Popular NFTs
Forget about jumping hoops and buy popular NFTs effortlessly through our marketplace auctions.
● Physical Products
The marketplace will also support branded physical products like Nike sneakers, Apple Airpods, Razer peripherals, and much more. With metaverse purchases reaching you in the real world, boundries will be breached and the lines will get blurred!
● Featured Physical Products
Each month, we’ll feature 3-5 acclaimed brands from the real world at a marked-down price in $Club. The mode of sale will be either an auction or fixed price.
● Digital Products
The digital arm of the marketplace will support courses, tools, and software services. From premium trading courses to portfolio tracking and optimization tools, our marketplace will put the most sought-after and respected digital creations at your fingertips

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